Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oktoberfest & Thanksgiving (Guten Tag)

Saturday morning the four of us went to the Oktoberfest outdoor breakfast in Waterloo. It was a beautiful but cool morning until the sun made it's appearence. The lineup was very long but it moved quickly.

Onkel Hans

Here is what Marie and Kevin do best, drinking Tim Hortons

We had pancakes and sausage with Timmy's coffee. Look at all that syrup (Yuck)!

After breakfast we watched the barrel races and so did the raccoon sitting up in the tree in downtown Waterloo.

Thanksgiving Sunday the whole family went on a nature walk. It was such a beautiful day we didn't need to wear our coats.

These are the men in our lives. John, Jason, Kevin, David, Jeff, Matt, and Monty.

Auf Wiederschen

It's All Over

Our camping season is all over for this year. Two weeks ago we took the trailer up to my sister's
to store it in their barn for the winter. John and Erwin are unhooking it from the car and hitching it up to the tractor to put it into the barn. It was a cold wet rainy day, so I didn't mind it going into storage.

Here it is all tucked in for the winter.

After we tucked the trailer away, we headed on up to Owen Sound to take in a Rangers Hockey game. As most you you know that is something I just don't do very often because they always lose when I go to a game. This time wasn't any different. The Rangers lost 4-0 to Owen Sound. The game was very boring, so you might as well chat with those around you even though they are from the opposing team.

A few years ago John happened to talk to a gentleman from Owen Sound and it turned out to be a former public school teacher of his. What a surprise to both of them. So now when John goes to the game in Owen Sound they always sit together. It really wasn't a wasted night after all. If I hadn't gone to that game he wouldn't have this picture of the two of them.